Jusoor International organizes its first event in Switzerland

At the beginning of the second week of December, Jusoor International for Media and Development organized its first international event in the Swiss capital, Geneva, where the company has its headquarters.

The workshop discussed the role of the media in combating hate speech and religious extremism and how to prevent it, in the presence of the media personality, Mohammed Al Hammadi, President of Jusoor International for Media.

At the beginning of the workshop, Al Hammadi introduced the goals and vision of Jusoor, which seeks to bring about positive change in the media sector in the Arab region and to develop workers in this sector. Both by extending bridges of communication with the world through the opening of the company’s headquarters in Geneva and by holding workshops and training courses.

In response to some of the participants’ questions, Al Hammadi said: “As media professionals in the Arab world, we face many challenges, and we need to confront them to offer more efforts and We meet here in Geneva and other regions of the world to discuss and act because we cannot fail because some Governments are preventing us from moving forward.”

Al Hammadi added: “After 25 years of working in the journalistic field, I have come to believe that I have a responsibility to do something for my country and my colleagues in the field. We must move, and We must strive for what we believe in”.

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