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The goals of Jusoor International are as follows:

Supporting and promoting universal values and principles of human rights and human development as enshrined in universal declarations and international legislations.
To support and strengthen international efforts to strengthen the fulfillment by countries of their international obligations, in particular those relating to the freedom of speech and the right to human development.
Support and strengthen the programs of countries related to the implementation of the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development 2015-2030.
Support and strengthen international efforts to establish the principles of equality, justice, equal citizenship, and peaceful coexistence and to promote the values of dialogue, tolerance, and peace in the world.
To support and promote peace and human dialogue and against all forms of violence, intolerance, and extremism.
Support and strengthen international efforts to empower women and ensure that they enjoy their rights fairly without discrimination.
Support and strengthen capacity-building efforts and the training of human rights experts.
To support and promote community awareness of human development and to dedicate and deepen its values and concepts in society.

Funding Jusoor International for Media and Development

Jusoor International for Media and Development counts on its independent resources for funding and welcomes the support of its projects, programs, and activities in a transparent and fully independent manner from the various stakeholders that would support us and believe in our pivotal role in the field of human rights.