The organization is managed based on the values and principles of democracy, and the president of the organization, in partnership with the Executive Committee, oversees and manages the work, programs, and projects, develops plans and strategies and shares the organization’s decision-making process.

Our representatives

Jusoor International representatives

The organization shall be represented legally and administratively by its head, will provide overall supervision over the work, administration, programs, relations, and activities of the organization, local, regional and international; and may delegate or assign all or part of his functions and responsibilities to whomever he deems appropriate.


Mr. Mohamed Al Hammadi

A writer and journalist pecializing in international affairs, interested in the file of terrorism and political Islam in the Middle East and issues of freedoms and human rights, currently heads the Jusoor International Center in Geneva, is president of the UAE Journalists Association, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Journalists in Brussels. He published three books, including “The Fall of the Muslim-brotherhood”.