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Jusoor International for Media and Development

An international organization that works to develop positive practices related to media and human development, and contributes to promoting positive initiatives for all actors in the fields of media, human development issues, freedom of opinion, and human conscience in a manner that contributes to developing the message and discourse of global media on one hand and on the other hand, upgrading the human rights situation in the world, which goes in line with the values, principles and directives advocated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and urged by the Universal Declaration of Development.

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Jusoor International for Media and Development works on the basis of the Social engagement established by the UN by affirming the role and participation of the civil society in disseminating and promoting community culture and public opinion in order to promote peace and global tolerance, which contributes to strengthening the commitment of countries to the UN agenda for sustainable development agenda and it’s people-centered agenda.

That makes JIMD one of the most unique and inspiring organizations on both Arab and Western levels, as its legacy and history derived from many years of work in helping and developing media, rights, and fundamental cases in the world, with the support of experts who worked in media, journalism, and rights for, those practices were enshrined in the inauguration of this organization, which will play a major and prominent role in upholding human values and principles, as well as promoting positive practices by countries, individuals and non-governmental organizations, in addition to maximizing active participation with all international and regional bodies, mechanisms dealing with culture, media and human development.

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Our Message and mission

Our Message

Supporting positive international efforts aimed at strengthening attention to information and human development issues, upholding lofty humanitarian values and principles, and guaranteeing everyone to enjoy their rights and freedom with justice and without any discrimination.

Our Mission

Jusoor International for Media and Development adopts the principle of participating and complementariness to interact with all active sides in media and human rights and development fields as it also works to achieve constructive and positive participation aimed at developing legislations, countries’ activities, and organizations related to media and human development, as well as creating a positive, effective and accomplished partnership that will contribute to strengthening respect for lofty human values and principles.

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It is always a pleasure to hear that the work we do has positive reviews.

We have spent 9 years working in one of the most international organizations in the field of human rights and media and its development, so we have a lot of reviews about projects.