Upcoming Workshop in December: “What is the role of the media in combating and preventing hate speech and religious extremism?”

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Upcoming Workshop in December: "What is the role of the media in combating and preventing hate speech and religious extremism?"

Jusoor International Center for Media and Development will organize an international workshop next December in Geneva, entitled “What is the role of the media in combating and preventing hate speech and religious extremism?”.
The workshop will be held on December 11, 2021, in the presence of a group of specialists in the field of international issues and combating extremism, violence, and terrorism, as well as health professionals.


المتحدثون في ورشة العمل

List of speakers:

Dr. Baptiste Brodard

Baptiste earned his Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the Swiss Center for Islam and Society at the University of Fribourg, when he wrote a thesis on Islamic social work in Switzerland.

In addition to his academic achievements, he traveled around 50 countries around the world to meet with various Muslim communities and scholars and focused on societal change and cultural problems.

Dr. Roberto Simona

He is an expert on Christian minorities in Muslim countries and the former Soviet Union and has spent many years outside Switzerland working for various humanitarian organizations. as reaped.

He also earned a doctorate in political science and international journalism.

Mrs. Dominique Attias

French lawyer and human rights activist for women’s and children’s rights and the rights of minorities in France and abroad, as well as specializing in personal status, child law, and violence against women.

Dominique is the Secretary-General of the Louis Chatein Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Child and has received many honors, most notably the National Medal of the Legion of Honor in France.

Dr Emmanuel Dupuy

He is the president of the IPSE (Institute for European Perspective & Security), also serves as a journalist, adviser on strategy and security, studies geopolitics, and as a researcher on geopolitics problems of several organizations associated with French defense policy.

One of his most notable interests in the geopolitics of the Mediterranean region.

Dr. Malik Bezouh

A physicist by training specializing in French Islam, and its social perceptions of French society as well as Islam.

He has also published several books, such as France-Islam: le choc des prejuges and Crise de Arab-Muslim consciousness, and during the past year published a dissertation via La Observatore.

Dr. Hatem Ben Salem

A Tunisian politician and diplomat, previously Minister of Education, he holds a doctorate in law from the University of Paris and has also served as Ambassador to Tunisia in Senegal, Guinea, Gambia, Cape Verde, Turkey, and then at United Nations Headquarters in Geneva.

He is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg and has taught at the Universities of Lund, Sweden, and Graz, Austria.

Dr. Ghaleb Benchikh

Dr. Ghalib Bencheikh is a Doctor of Science and Physics and is the former president of the Grand Mosque in Paris.

He is also President of the World Conference of Religions for Peace and is a member of the sponsoring committee of the French Coalition for the Decade and Promotion of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence.

Mr. Mohamed Al Hammadi

A writer and journalist specializing in international affairs, interested in the file of terrorism and political Islam in the Middle East and issues of freedoms and human rights, currently heads the Jusoor International Center in Geneva, is president of the UAE Journalists Association, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Journalists in Brussels. He published three books, including “The Fall of the Muslim-brotherhood”.

Jusoor International Center for Media and Development will then publish the workshop highlights, respectively.


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